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SymptomGuideTM can make a real difference in your life if you are caring for someone with dementia.

Read what people are say about SymptomGuideTM...

"If SymptomGuideTM had been available to us during the progression of my wife's illness; it would have helped us immensely."

~R.G., Caregiver

"Caregivers are faced with the daily burden of stress and worry that comes with caring for someone with dementia. A tool like SymptomGuide has the ability to help alleviate some of that stress by providing caregivers with a wealth of information."

~G.B., Family Physician

"I'm very much enjoying my free trial and intend to subscribe. Your symptom library is particularly appealing to this 24/7 caregiver."

~R.G. Caregiver

" is very well laid out, easy to navigate, and offers excellent information for those learning about dementia"

~N.M., Caregiver

"This is great...and I may be more truthful for her [person being cared for] sake. In turn it will probably help her a bit more as a whole. Thanks for such a GREAT IDEA."

~J.L., Caregiver

"As a person with dementia, my views are probably not typical, and I have not taken advantage of many of the features. I think, however, that this would be an excellent tool for family members to track a relative. It is an education in itself, really, with the symptomguide. It is a great idea, and I wish you every success with it."

~...person with dementia

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Last updated February 15, 2017
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