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Alzheimer's Disease


This is a stage that most people picture when most people think of Alzheimer's disease . The person may exhibit great difficulty with recent memory and often are repeating themselves constantly. Severe Alzheimer's disease is present when people have impairment in personal activities of daily living (ADL), such as bathing, dressing, grooming, using the toilet and eating. At this stage, they also have passed through the mild stage, so they have impairment of their instrumental activities of daily life (IADLs). They might be quite disoriented to the time and season, and may experience trouble orientating themselves to places, especially when they are away from their home. Behavioural difficulties including delusions/ hallucinations, personality changes, disrupted sleep patterns, obsessive repetitive behaviours, increased anxiety and even anger or aggression may become more common. As the stage progresses, the person will likely not be capable of fluent speech. Verbalizations may include repeated words, or sounds which are not understandable. Basic motor skills, such as walking or sitting up, are failing or lost.

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