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Pick's Disease

Pick's disease is an older name for what is now seen to be a variant of Frontotemporal dementia (FTD). In these cases of FTD, the brain cells in the frontal and temporal lobes, get larger, and contain round, silver "Pick's bodies". Dr. Arnold Pick was the first to find individuals who had combined symptoms of language difficulty, dementia, and shrinkage of the left side of the brain. Swollen structures inside brain cells were found which do not occur in Alzheimer's disease . They were named Pick's bodies.

Pick's disease affects more men than women, with an average onset of 40-60 years of age. It occurs sporadically and produces changes in personality, judgment, language and memory . The course of the disease is 6-12 years and there is currently no cure. Cholinesterase inhibitors usually do not work for the treatment of Pick's disease, because the cholinergic system is not normally affected in Frontotemporal dementias.

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