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The Second Most Common Type of Dementia: Vascular Dementia - DementiaGuide.com
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Vascular Dementia

Vascular dementia, sometimes called multi-infarct dementia,is the second most common type of dementia after Alzheimer's disease . This type of dementia is the result of brain damage either due to large or small strokes, or to chronically low blood supply to the brain. A stroke is caused by small clots in arteries that block blood flowing to the brain. Vascular dementia has a slightly higher occurrence in men than women and typically appears between 60-75 years of age.

The symptoms of vascular dementia depend on where the stroke occurs in the brain because different areas control different functions. Problems could include memory impairment, confusion (which may worsen at night), difficulty walking, and incontinence . Often, a person with vascular dementia experiences a more sudden loss of memory and function as compared to a person with Alzheimer's disease. Also, vascular dementia can progress in steps with abilities first remaining steady and later declining rapidly.

It is recommended that people monitor blood pressure , weight, blood sugar and cholesterol early in life, as this could help to prevent the occurrence of vascular dementia or to help keep symptoms from getting worse once a diagnosis has already been made.

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