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A List of Dementia Symptoms for Early Detection

Posted on October 24, 2008 by DementiaGuide

Dementia Symptoms and the Importance of Early Detection

The prevalence of dementia is on the rise as life expectancy continues to increase with the growing baby-boomer population. The importance of detecting dementia symptoms early is more important than ever. As more treatment options become available, it will become increasingly important to diagnose dementia early. Early detection of dementia symptoms is one of the strongest defenses for fighting cognitive decline. Knowing what to look for is a key factor for early diagnosis. Below is a list of dementia symptoms to look for.

Common Early Dementia Symptoms


Most people occasionally forget names or appointments. If this happens more frequently and inexplicable states of confusion also occur, this might be an indication for a decline in memory function.

Difficulties with Familiar Activities

Everybody gets busy and can become absent-minded. For example, everyone has left the oven on at some point. People exhibiting dementia symptoms possibly not only forget the oven is on, but also forget thay have cooked at all.

Language Problems

Dementia sufferers often cannot remember simple words and instead they use inappropriate fillers which make it difficult to understand their sentences.

Problems with Spatial and Temporal Orientation

A lot of people get lost in ufamiliar surroundings. Dementia sufferers might be in their own street and no longer know where they are, how they got there or how to get home.

Impaired Capacity of Judgment

People with dementia often use poor judgment. For example, dementia sufferers frequently wear totally inappropriate clothes. For example, they may wear a bathrobe to go shopping or several blouses on top of each other on a hot day.

Problems with Abstract Thinking

For many people, balancing a checkbook is a challenge. Dementia patients can often neither recognize numbers nor carry out simple calculations.

Leaving Things Behind

Dementia sufferers might put things in completely inappropriate places; such as placing their iron in the fridge or their watch in the sugar bowl. Afterwards, they do not remember where they put them.

Mood Swings and Behavioral Changes

People with dementia may have very sudden mood swings, often without discernible cause.

Personality Changes

People affected by dementia may experience a very pronounced personality change suddenly or over a longer period of time. Somebody who is generally friendly, for example, becomes unexpectedly angry, jealous or timid.

Loss of Initiative:

Dementia patients sometimes lose their zest for work and interest in their hobbies and enjoying new activities.

Detecting early symptoms of dementia allows caregivers and health care professionals the opportunity to begin early treatment which may slow or even reverse the effects of dementia for a time. Recognizing the symptoms of dementia and discussing them with your family doctor is paramount for early diagnosis adn treatment which may slow cognitive decline.

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