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Dementia Resources and Assistance: When Help is Needed for Dealing with Dementia - DementiaGuide.com
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Dementia Resources for People Dealing with Dementia

Posted on December 15, 2009 by DementiaGuide

Dementia Resources and Assistance

When Help is Needed for Dealing with Dementia


There are many resources and services for people with dementia and their caregivers. Community dementia resources and services offer invaluable assistance to those dealing with dementia. Below are helpful dementia resources and a brief description of each.

Adult Day Services

Community-based programs are designed to provide mental and physical stimulation in a safe and therapeutic environment for individuals with dementia. These centers offer an opportunity for social interaction, promote health maintenance, foster independence and provide respite and support for caregivers.

Home Care Agencies

Home care agencies provide several kinds of in-home care for people with dementia: personal care, health care, homemaking and companionship. Home care agencies are important dementia resources.

Diagnostic Centers

Diagnostic centers critically important as they perform thorough evaluations to determine if a person suffers from symptoms of the disease. A diagnosis of probable dementia is made after complete medical, neurological and psychological examinations and rules out other possibilities. Once a diagnosis is complete, a center will help refer patients and caregivers to other dementia resources for treatment and coping with the disease.

Legal and Financial Services

Legal and financial services help families navigate the many issues which need to be explored when a loved one has dementia. Selecting the appropriate attorney and obtaining accurate information and advice is important. Soliciting advice in the early stages of dementia will prevent more struggles in the long run.

Support Groups

Support groups provide help, support, education and information on other dementia resources for concerned family members caring for someone with a dementia. Dementia is a common condition, so support groups are likely to be already formed in most communities.

Safe Return Programs

In the US, Safe Return offers a special program for anyone with dementia who is at risk for getting lost. This national identification program assures that if an individual with an identification bracelet is lost, a toll free number to the registry will be called and a search for the person will begin. Dementia resources are available for caregivers and patients to help provided information, support and treatment options for those dealing with this disease. Knowing these dementia resources will save time and alleviate excess stress. Contact your local Alzheimer's association to find out about whethera Safe Return or similar type program is offered in your community.

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