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Dementia Resources for People Dealing with Dementia

Posted on December 31, 2008 by DementiaGuide

Using Computer Games: a New Tool for Coping with Dementia

How Computer Games Can Help with Memory Function and Cognitive Ability

Computer games offer an exciting and engaging way of helping older people who are coping with dementia and its effects. The skills that are required to plays today's video games are useful tools for keeping their brain active and learning new skills.

One of the most important things that computer games do is keep you in the moment. This is a critical skill that is often lost when one is coping with dementia. The memory fades and persons with dementia often fade into the abyss.

Computer games are a new and surprising way to help keep cognitive abilities sharper, especially in the early stages of dementia when it is easier to slow the effects. Computer games can be a source of unexpected assistance when it comes to coping with dementia - not only because of the cognitive exercise they provide, but because they are an excellent way to help those coping with dementia to stay in the moment.

Some of the main principals of the gaming industry, living in the moment and having fun, are actually very handy tools used to help people coping with dementia. Poor memory and concentration make it difficult for people with dementia to function.

While dementia is a progressive degenerative condition, studies have shown that in the early stages, the brain is still able to learn and change. This indicates that increasing brain activity, especially in regards to memory and cognition (two skills used consistently in games), may help stave off cognitive loss in people coping with dementia. Fast-paced action video games can boost a player's cognitive and attention skills, researchers have found. Therefore, although video game playing may seem to be rather mindless, it is capable of helping those coping with dementia.

Computer-based tasks aimed at increasing mental activity and enhancing mental function can improve cognition in persons coping with dementia and, serving as an effective addition to medications and other tools more commonly used to help those coping with dementia.

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