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Moderate Wine Drinking May Cut Women's Dementia Risk - DementiaGuide.com - DementiaGuide.com
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Moderate Wine Drinking May Cut Women's Dementia Risk - DementiaGuide.com

Posted on June 17, 2008 by DementiaGuide

Moderate Wine Drinking May Cut Women's Dementia Risk

Swedish researchers recently reported findings from their study of over 1,400 women between the years 1968 and 2002, indicating that women who regularly drink wine (at least a glass a week) were less likely than their peers to develop dementia as they age.

The study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology on March 15, 2008, stated the risk of developing dementia was as much as 40% lower for female wine drinkers and up to 70%lower for those who drank no other forms of alcohol. However, the study indicated that women who drank spirits had an increased risk of developing dementia.

Dr. Lauren Lissner of Goteborg University in Sweden, the senior author of the study, noted, "There may be other characteristics of women who drink wine that protect against dementia, factors that we were not able to measure. However, it should be noted that the association was very robust and could not be explained by any other factor that we were able to measure, like education, body mass index, or smoking."

The study did not measure the amount of alcohol participants drank, although individuals who drink wine and no other form of alcohol tend to drink less than those who also drink beer or other spirits.

The findings of the report do not apply to men, who were not a part of the study and who have different drinking habits and metabolisms than women. Most men also prefer to drink beer or spirits rather than wine on a regular basis.

Overall, the authors of the study suggested that the results indicate that for wine drinkers, who tend to be moderate in their alcohol consumption, the benefits of alcohol might outweigh the risks. They also stressed that more research is needed in this area and that recommendations on whether a woman should or should not drink wine could not be based on the findings of the study.

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