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Perform Dementia Care the Right Way

Posted on November 3, 2009 by Dementiaguide

Perform Dementia Care The Right Way

Plan Ahead

Caring for patients with dementia can be difficult. If you're a family member attemptingdementia carefor a person with dementia, it can be especially hardin those instances where they forget your name. Still, properly caring for people with dementia is perhaps the most important thing we can do. There are no miracle cures or magic bullets; decent, proper dementia care is often all we have to give to make their lives a little easier.

Above all, you will need patience to care for someone with dementia. You have to remember that normal, everyday things that most people take for granted, like going to the bathroom or remembering where you left your keys, have the potential to become incredibly difficult. Take nothing for granted. Don't assume the worst, but do prepare yourself for the level of effort it may take to do even simple tasks. Planning is a necessity in dementia care. It gives patients something tangible to hold onto, something to which they can refer in times of distress or confusion.

Always maintain a positive demeanour. Oftentimes, the caregiver will be the primary source of hope and happiness for the person with dementia. In those inevitable times of depression and hopelessness, having a smile on your face and letting laughter ring out can be an effective counterbalance to the interior problems plaguing the person with dementia. If you have a good time throughout the course of dementia care, so will the person with dementia.

Remember that the road will be a difficult one. There will be problems throughout the course of your dementia care, and there may even be instances where you're close to giving up hope. Before you do, though, remember where you are. Note that you are a healthy person in complete control of your faculties, and that you're caring for a person whois undergoing a great change in their life. This may be your father, or your mother, or just a good friend; just remember that the person with dementiais a person with fears and feelings, albeit with cognitive issues.

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