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Ways to Track Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Online - DementiaGuide.com - DementiaGuide.com
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Ways to Track Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Online - DementiaGuide.com

Posted on May 27, 2008 by DementiaGuide

Tracking Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Online

When a person has dementia, it is crucial to keep track of his or her symptoms so that the doctors in charge of his or her treatment know the progress of the dementia across all aspects of the individual's life - their social function, language, physical abilities, sleep patterns, eating habits and a host of other crucial symptoms. One of the best ways to organize this information is by tracking dementia online. There is such a variety of information to keep track of that it can become quite tedious and time-consuming, but a good online symptom journalor graphing program can simplify things.

Traditional Methods of Tracking Dementia

Before personal computers were in almost every home, caregivers often kept track of dementia symptoms by recording daily or weekly changes in a notebook or journal. However, difficulties can arise with this method if doctors have trouble reading the handwriting or the caregiver's notes are sloppy.

Graphs are another way to chart the progress of symptoms. Handwritten graphs are fine if you have graph paper and want to take th time to chart multiple lines and points for the myriad symptoms, but this requires much patience and painstaking attention to detail.

Of course, the progress of a person with dementia can also be observed through the results of medical tests administered by a doctor, but such results are not as comprehensive, since doctors don't usually see an individual as regularly as a caregiver, who would be in a much better position to notice small changes day-to-day.

The Advantages of Tracking Dementia Online

Caregivers have a multitude of responsibilities every day, so anything that can help them with their responsibilities while saving them time can be a real help. There are many ways to track dementia online, such as keeping a daily online log to using a complex graphing chart.

The Symptom Profile system at DementiaGuide.com gives caregivers a reliable way to track symptoms quickly and easily. With very little typing involved and automatic chart generation, you merely indicate the severity of each of the many symptoms in the Profile by date. Because you can log in any time and quickly enter you observations, caregivers will be more likely to use it on a regular basis and keep accurate track of the progress or decline of symptoms. This information can be quickly printed out at any time for review by doctors or therapists. The Symptom Profile system is one of the most effective and accurate ways for tracking dementia online that a caregiver can use. Visit DementiaGuide.com to begin using it today.

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