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Treatment Options for Elderly Dementia

Posted on August 1, 2008 by DementiaGuide

Treatment Options for Dementia

The first thing most people want to know after an dementia diagnosis is "What are the treatment options?" The answer depends on several factors, including the type of dementia, the stage of the disease, and the symptoms exhibited. There are several forms of dementia caused by a number of diseases, but some of the most common are seen in the elderly. Treatment in these cases can take a variety of forms depending on several factors such as where the elderly person lives (own home or assisted living), their general physical health, living alone or withfamily. For instance, if the person with dementia lives in an assisted living facility, treatment options might be different than they would be if the person is living on his or herown with little supporton a daily basis.

Conventional Medication Can Slow Progress of Dementia

The FDA and other regulatory authorities haveapproved medications that can help slow the progress of some forms of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. Some of these fall into a class of medicines called "cholinesterase inhibitors" which slow the breakdown of neurotransmitters the brain needs to form memories. Early diagnosis by a physician is critical whenever there appears to be symptoms of dementia as there are medications available depending on the type of dementia.

Physical and Mental exercisecan help

Exercise can slow the progression of dementia. Physical activity increases oxygen to the brain and blood flow, both are crucial to slowing the progression of dementia symptoms. Exercising the mind is also important - any intellectual activity that engages the memory or requires the learning of new information will help keep deterioration of mental functioning at bay. Stimulating games like chess or hobbies like crocheting or bird watching keep the mind sharp.

The Good News

New treatment options are developed for dementia every year. There are over 70 new drugs for dementiain various stages of clinical trials. There are opportunities forpersons who are diagnosed to participate in drug trials if they meet thecritieria. Anyone seeking more information about these trials can send a message to us using our contact form.

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