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This section of DementiaGuide's website shares with you important information that we learn from our contacts and relationships with many stakeholders, in support associations, health services providers, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and other groups that supply goods and services to persons with dementia and their care givers.

New knowledge and sharing of this knowledge to interested persons is an important feature of our website. There are many reputable sources for information concerning dementia. Our Community Section will highlight certain information and topics. We encourage you to create your own list of references and websites that meet your specific needs.


A Look Into Aging & Dementia - DementiaGuide.comJune 10, 2008

Aging and Dementia

More families are coping with aging and dementia every year as people live longer lives and multi-generational families face the effects of dementia. Grandparents are more likely to develop symptoms of dementia today than they were a hundred years ago, not because dementia is more prevalent, but because grandparents are living so much longer.

Some of what people mistake for dementia is actually normal memory lo ... read more
Ways to Track Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Online - DementiaGuide.comMay 27, 2008

Tracking Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Online

When a person has dementia, it is crucial to keep track of his or her symptoms so that the doctors in charge of his or her treatment know the progress of the dementia across all aspects of the individual's life - their social function, language, physical abilities, sleep patterns, eating habits and a host of other crucial symptoms. One of the best ways to organize this information is by tracking dementia online. ... read more
Common Signs of Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease - DementiaGuide.comMay 26, 2008

Common Signs of Dementia

There are many common signs of dementia and not every person with dementia will experience every one. The signs vary from person to person and will not always show up in the same order or with the same intensity. It helps to keep a written record of some type to discuss with doctors if you suspect that your spouse or parent or a friendmay be exhibiting the early signs of dementia.

Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease: Listening to people to better understand this diseaseMay 23, 2008
DementiaGuide featured in the Winter 2007/2008 issue of Mental Notes magazine publication.

Click here to view the full article.
Understanding DementiaMay 12, 2008

Understanding Dementia

What is dementia?

Dementia is a disease that affects one's cognitive ability, or the ability to process and communicate information in a coherent and rational manner. Specifically, dementia happens when the cerebral cortex of the brain begins to degenerate and brain cells begin to die, thus impairing the brain's ability to dictate normal cognitive and sensory functions. Once dementia gets under ... read more

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