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This section of DementiaGuide's website shares with you important information that we learn from our contacts and relationships with many stakeholders, in support associations, health services providers, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and other groups that supply goods and services to persons with dementia and their care givers.

New knowledge and sharing of this knowledge to interested persons is an important feature of our website. There are many reputable sources for information concerning dementia. Our Community Section will highlight certain information and topics. We encourage you to create your own list of references and websites that meet your specific needs.


Prevalence of Cognitive Impairment without Dementia in the United StatesMay 12, 2008

Prevalence of Cognitive Impairment without Dementia in the United States

A recent article in an American Medical Journal entitled "Prevalence of Cognitive Impairment without Dementia in the United States"describes the results of the Aging, Demographics and Memory Study (ADAMS). The investigators led by Brenda L. Plassman of Duke University Medical Center concluded that "Cognitive impairment without dementia is more prevalent in the United States than dementia, ... read more
Memory LossMay 12, 2008


What is memory loss?

Memory loss is the decline in one's ability to remember facts, processes, and ideas, often affecting one's ability to function independently on a day-to-day basis. Memory loss can occur as a normal result of aging, or in conjunction with a general cognitive decline, or a decline in one's ability to think, understand, learn, remember, focus, act normally, and communicate.

read more

Dementia TreatmentMay 12, 2008

Taking care of someone with dementia

Dementia is a serious disease that requires ongoing medical care. While dementia often leads to hospitalization in the later stages, it is common for family members or close friends to take on the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for someone with dementia.

Since a hallmark of dementia is an impaired ability to care for oneself, it is important that persons with dementia rece ... read more

Dementia SymptomsMay 12, 2008

What happens when dementia strikes?

Dementia is a complex disease and the symptoms are many. Dementia originates in the cerebral cortex of the brain, which accounts for approximately two-thirds of the brain's mass and controls sensory functions such as hearing, vision, and touch, and cognitive functions such as thought, perception, and communication. Thus, once the cerebral cortex starts to degenerate, the person with dementia ... read more

Alzheimers DiseaseMay 12, 2008

What is Alzheimer's disease?

Alzheimer's disease is a serious brain disorder that causes the destruction of brain cells, leading to severe problems with thinking, remembering, understanding, behavior, and communicating. It is the most common form of dementia, a general term for memory loss and decline in basic intellectual functions. Alzheimer's is fatal as there ... read more
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