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Dr. Kenneth Rockwood wins CIHR-IA Betty Haven's Award for Knowledge Translation in Aging
Posted on November 3, 2009

Canadian Institute of Aging congratulates Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, Professor and Director of the Geriatric Medicine Research Centre at Dalhousie University, on winning the CIHR-IA Betty Haven's Award for Knowledge Translation in Aging . Dr. Rockwood was presented with the award at the Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG) Annual Scientific Meeting in Winnipeg on October 23rd.

The recipient of this prestigious award must have advanced the translation on research in aging at a local or regional level. Dr. Rockwood's commitment to knowledge translation activities are clearly demonstrated in his research related to health and successful aging, and improving the well-being and quality of life of current and future older Canadians.

In his acceptance of this award, Dr. Rockwood spoke of his meeting Dr. Havens early in his career and the tremendous respect that she engendered not only with him, but throughout the gerontology community in Canada and elsewhere.

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