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Stay or Move? How to Talk to a Senior About Their Changing Needs and Retirement Residences
Posted on November 1, 2013

Marie - Claude Gigure

This helpful booklet speaks to seniors and their families over the often difficult decision of when to stop living on their own and move into a facility that offers more help. It is more than just a housing issue. Changing residences speaks to recognizing the need for care, a need which often only increases with time. It is also about change, in many of us, as we grow older, change becomes difficult.

How to have that conversationis not easy, and that is where "Stay or Move?" comes in. Written in a clear style, informed by experience that is presented as compelling anecdotes, done with a tone of much compassion, the book is a valuable resource both for seniors and their families.
A real strength of the book is its comprehensive approach, with a lot packed into 75 short pages. It also features frequently asked questions and answers and in all these ways is a valuable tool.

It can be ordered online either through Amazon or at http://seniorstayormove.com/

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