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About Us
Dr. Kenneth Rockwood

Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, President and Chief Scientific Officer, DementiaGuide Inc., has practiced medicine for nearly 25 years. Along with a degree in medicine from Memorial University (St.John's, Newfoundland), Dr. Rockwood holds a Special Certificate in Internal Medicine, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada and a Certificate of Special Competence in Geriatric Medicine (Royal College of Physicians of Canada), as well as a Diploma in Geriatric Medicine (Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia). Dr. Rockwood is a senior researcher acting as a key collaborator and researcher lead on numerous studies in geriatric medicine. In addition to being a specialist in internal medicine and geriatric medicine, he also holds a Masters in Public Administration (Queen's University, Ontario) and has formally provided policy advice at both the provincial and federal levels. He has published more than 350 scientific papers and seven books. Rockwood has received awards for research yearly for the last 20 years, including lectureships and prizes from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Italy, Canada and the United States. He holds appointments as Professor of Medicine (Geriatric Medicine & Neurology); Kathryn Allen Weldon Professor of Alzheimer Research; Canadian Institutes of Health Research Investigator and Staff Physician, Department of Medicine - Capital Health, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In 2008, Dr. Rockwood as Principal Investigator with four co applicants from across Canadawere awarded funding of $3.5 million to establish the Canadian Dementia Knowledge Translation Network. In 2009, hereceived the Betty Havens Award for Knowledge Translation in Aging . Dr. Rockwood serves as an active member of many national and international committees and boards; including:

Advisory Board, Canadian Institute of Aging;
Senior Advisor, Canadian Longitudinal Study of Aging , 3rd CCD Organizing Committee;
External Advisory Board, Johns Hopkins University Older Americans Independence Centre (OAIC).

Medical Advisory Committee, Alzheimer's Disease International (London);
Pepper Advisory Board, University of Chicago;
External Advisory Board, Interdisciplinary Frailty Initiative;
Nominating Committee, International Society of Vascular Cognitive and Behavioural Disorders.

He has treated over 3000 persons with dementia and worked closely with their care givers and family members. The information and knowledge in SymptomGuideTM has been prepared based on Dr. Rockwood's work experience and the insight which he has gained over the years as a physician and researcher. A major breakthrough for Dr. Rockwood in his treatment of persons with dementia was when he observed that for persons diagnosed with dementia it was important for them to assess what achievements they as individuals could make in maintaining certain living and socializing skills, either with appropriate medications and/or caregiver support. This goal attainment strategy is the foundation for the development of SymptomGuideTM: SymptomGuideTM provides to persons with dementia and their caregivers a way to identify and track symptoms, and to set goals for managing the disease.

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