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Low Mood | Management Strategies

1) Try and encourage the person you care for to do activities that they enjoy, are good at and they can do independently. They will be more likely to participate and it will remind them of their vitality.

2) Exercise is a good remedy for depression and regaining a sense of independence. It also may help to regulate your eating and sleeping habits. For example, taking a walk is a spontaneous and inexpensive activity that can be beneficial for both you and the person you care for.

3) Try and involve the person you care for with others their own age. Look into adult day care or respite programs which can provide companionship and activity. If possible, try and find programs that have others who are at the same level of disease progression as the person you care for.

4) Sometimes counselling can help an Alzheimer's patient accept the diagnosis . A skilled therapist can help a patient share grief, despair, anger and self loathing. The extent of their dementia will dictate whether or not this is a possible route towards dealing with some of the emotional problems the person you care for may be exhibiting or experiencing.

5) If the symptoms get increasingly serious and more difficult to manage, go see your family doctor to discuss whether the person you care for is clinically depressed and see if you need to be referred to a specialist .

6) Reminiscence - remembering good memories.

7) Try multisensory therapy, using music and light to relax and intrigue.

8) Validation; give comfort, allow the person to feel sadness/grieving

9) Do not argue about why the person is sad if it isn't important.

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