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What to look for?

Meal Preparation/Cooking | Common Signs

  • Cannot recall familiar recipes (e.g. cannot prepare food from memory )
  • Has difficulty keeping track of steps in a recipe (e.g. repeats or misses steps)
  • Cooked or baked foods no longer taste right
  • Under or over cooks food
  • No longer cooks favorite or signature dishes
  • Only prepares pre-cooked meals, or simple dishes (e.g. canned soup, frozen dinners)
  • Has difficulty using common kitchen appliances (e.g. electric can opener or microwave)
  • Cannot use knives or graters safely
  • Leaves food unattended while cooking or baking
  • Forgets pot on stove
  • Is not interested in cooking meals or baking
  • Will only do simpler tasks of meal preparation (e.g. peel potatoes, wash lettuce)
  • Only prepares meals that don't involve cooking (e.g. sandwiches, salads)
Meal Preparation/Cooking | General Description

Alzheimer's disease can affect the ability to make multiple decisions one after another. This type of decision making is needed in order to prepare food from ingredients. These difficulties may result in low motivation to cook and may increase the tendency of the person you care for to prepare simple meals that involve minimal cooking. Safety can become a concern due to memory loss or decreased attention span. The person you care for may require your assistance in certain aspects of meal preparation.

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