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Meal Preparation/Cooking | Management Strategies

  1. Depending on the abilities of the person you care for, cooking may still be enjoyable when you help plan the activity in advance and when you are able to provide assistance throughout. Lay out the ingredients and utensils for the project and make sure you have enough time to complete the project without rushing.
  2. When the nature of the cooking is daily meal preparation rather than a specific project, ensure that there is part of the meal preparation that the Alzheimer's patient can do. For example, if you are preparing stew, let them peel the carrots and potatoes. If the person you care for is not capable of truly participating in a helpful way, you can give them an occupying task to do at the kitchen table. If the person you care for feels that they are involved and being helpful, this will help to improve their feelings of confidence and self worth.

  3. It may be helpful to put labels on drawers and cupboards to help the person you care for know where to look for specific ingredients or supplies.

  4. If cooking has become too problematic and burdensome, investigate meal assistance programs. Some organizations offer frozen meal programs that deliver healthy frozen entrees that only require reheating with a microwave.

  5. Ensure that items that are used on a regular basis are in easy to reach locations (e.g. between knee and shoulder height).

  6. Make sure that on and off switch positions are easily marked on all appliances to help make positions clear.

  7. Stove safety can be enhanced by having switches installed that prevent the use of the stove and by installing other devices that signal if a burner has been left on.

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