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What to look for?

Operating Gadgets/Appliances | Common Signs

  • Has difficulty turning common appliances on or off (e.g. TV, radio, microwave)
  • Has difficulty adjusting the volume on the television or radio
  • Has difficulty changing channels on the television, or tuning in radio stations
  • Has difficulty using key pads (e.g. setting cooking time on a microwave, entering a code for an alarm system)
  • Cannot operate a remote control (e.g. not sure what each button does)
  • Has difficulty learning to use new gadgets (e.g. satellite system, new telephone)
  • Has difficulty using more complex appliances (e.g. snow blower, lawn mower)
  • Uses an appliance or tool for the wrong function (e.g. puts clothes in the dishwasher, uses cordless phone as a remote)
  • Uses an appliance or a tool improperly (e.g. moves vacuum side-to-side instead of back-and-forth)
  • Uses appliance or machinery in an unsafe manner (e.g. cannot control power saw)
Operating Gadgets/Appliances | General Description

Operating various instruments and appliances require a variety of cognitive and sensory activities which become impaired with Alzheimer's disease . Due to memory impairments, the person you care for may have difficulty with the basic functioning of instruments and appliances. Additionally, they may forget what the instrument is used for or use the instrument in an unsafe manner.

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