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Shopping | Doctor's Diary

Problems with shopping can be one of the first signs to a family that something is really wrong. Not being able to make change, being unable to write a cheque, use a debit or a credit card, or choose appropriate items, getting lost in a mall or store, losing the car in the parking lot, going home without purchased items (or without the car) are examples of the way that problems can become apparent. So too can shoplifting, which can either be purposeful (due to poor judgment and impulsiveness) or unintentional (truly due to forgetting to pay, or also due to being lost). When things like this happen, it is important for families to try and sort out exactly what was going on when the person became lost, or the mistake was made. Sometimes there will be an easy explanation, but events like this, especially occurring when a person is showing signs of memory problems, make it very likely that a doctor can help sort out whether dementia is present.

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