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What to look for?

Hobbies | Common Signs

  • Must be prompted to start or pick up a project (e.g. start a crossword puzzle, start a knitting project)
  • Works on a hobby or a project, but never finishes anything (e.g. still working on a birdhouse, started working over a year ago)
  • Continues to engage in hobbies and pastimes, but at a reduced skill level (e.g. plays fewer holes in golf, knits simpler patterns)
  • Occasionally needs direction or instruction while engaged in hobbies or pastimes (e.g. how to cast off in knitting)
  • Requires constant direction or instruction while engaged in hobbies or pastimes
  • Shows less interest in hobbies or activities; doesn't seem to enjoy them as much
  • Complains that hobbies or activities are tiring
  • Complains that hobbies or activities are too difficult
  • Still talks about hobbies and pastimes, but it not actively pursuing them
Hobbies | General Description

The person you care for no longer is interested in recreational and leisure activities that they used to enjoy. This may be because they now find the activity to be difficult and tiring, which can create feelings of frustration or anger when participating in the activity. Additionally, memory impairments associated with the disease can also make it difficult for the person you care for to start or complete an activity. They may get distracted and forget what they were doing mid way through the activity, or they may forget where the supplies are for the activity and will not initiate the activity. For example, they may forget where they have put the needles and yarn for knitting, and require prompting to begin.

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