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Dementia affects how people perform their hobbies in different ways. Sometimes, people lose interest in their hobbies before they lose the ability to perform them, so that often their families miss them doing the hobbies more than they miss it themselves. But many people with mild dementia are often only too aware of how the disease has affected their ability. This is especially a time when they need support.

Support can often take the form of 'coaching'. There is a fine line between encouraging someone to do something that they have always done, and nagging them. Generally, people at any age respond best to encouragement and praise, and usually this is no different for the person with dementia. The best strategy is usually to be as encouraging as possible, but sensitive to the line between helping someone do what they want to do, and pushing someone to do what they do not want to do. There is no reason to expect that you will get the balance right every time.

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