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What to look for?

Interaction With Strangers | Common Signs

  • Is hesitant to initiate conversation with a stranger
  • Overly friendly with strangers
  • Invites strangers to their home
  • Gives money to strangers
  • Behaves inappropriately in front of strangers
  • Feels self-conscious or embarrassed in front of friends and family members
  • Is rude or critical in front of strangers
  • Avoids outings where they will have to interact with strangers (e.g. shopping, groceries)
Interaction With Strangers | General Description

Alzheimer's disease affects areas of the brain that are responsible for memory , inhibition , communication and judgment. This can make it difficult for them to interact with other people in social situations. The person you care for will likely have difficulty understanding the emotions of others, and how they are perceived by others. This can result in insults, or other rude behaviours towards a stranger by the person you care for. The person you care for likely recognizes their decreasing abilities and functioning and is embarrassed. As a result, they may avoid interacting with strangers, because they are afraid they will make an embarrassing error or mistake.

In Frontotemporal dementia , the person may have taken a sudden interest in strangers and may begin to interact with them as if they were old and dear friends. This may be dangerous for the person with Frontotemporal dementia, as they have no fear of the consequences of their behaviour and may be taken advantage of by people.

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