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Interaction With Strangers | Management Strategies

  1. It may be helpful to try to change inappropriate behaviour by introducing rewards for good behaviour. If the person you care for attends an outing such as shopping for groceries and is polite and well mannered, offer them a treat afterwards such as a favourite food or a trip to a favourite place.

  2. If a behaviour which you deem to be inappropriate or hurtful occurs, make sure that you do not react in shock or anger. Instead, gently but firmly remind the person that their behaviour is inappropriate. Whenever possible apologize on behalf of the person you care for to the stranger. After an episode has passed do not remind the person of the incident.

  3. In the case of an uncomfortable situation or confrontation with a stranger, it is a good idea to gently guide the person you care for away from the situation, while speaking directly and calmly.

  4. If the person you care for is avoid doing certain things such as shopping or groceries it may be because they do not wish to interact with strangers. They may be feeling embarrassed of their disease or afraid to make a mistake in front of a stranger. In this case, offer to go with them or have another friend or family member accompany them. This way, they will feel more confident, knowing that they have someone to support them.

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