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Looking After Grandchildren | Management Strategies

  1. The person you care for can benefit a great deal by spending time with their grandchildren. Grandchildren can provide a great deal of excitement and fun for the person you care for. As long as it is properly supervised by another adult, the person you care for should continue to be involved in the lives of their grandchildren.

  2. Find out when school plays, music recitals or athletic events that their grandchildren participate in are taking place. This is a great way for the person you care for to spend time with their grandchildren without too much responsibility. As well, it can provide a nice outing and change of pace for the person you care for.

  3. It may be nice to have the person you care for teach their grandchildren certain activities. For example, if they are good at painting, they may enjoy teaching this craft to their grandchildren. It is an excellent feeling to pass on a skill, especially to a loved one. This type of activity can boost self esteem and enhance the confidence of the person you care for.

  4. It is important not to try and hide the disease from the grandchildren. Explain to them the situation as simply as possible. Consider their age as well, when discussing the disease. It is best not to overwhelm small children with too much information. A general understanding though, that grandpa or grandma is sick, can make them more forgiving and understanding of any mistakes that their grandparents may make.

  5. If possible, do not tell the person you care for that they are not capable of looking after their grandchildren. This will most likely hurt their feelings and upset them. Instead just let them know that there will be another adult present. For example, "Your daughter Margaret and her children wanted to play cards with you this afternoon."

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