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What to look for?

Spirituality and Religion | Common Signs

  • Talks loudly during a religious service
  • Gets up and moves around during a religious service
  • Comments out loud on aspects of the service or other attendees
  • Makes excuses, or refuses to attend service
  • Cannot remember the words to a religious hymn or prayer
  • Refuses to dress appropriately for a religious service
  • Cannot remember the order of the religious service
  • Says that God has abandoned them
  • Says that no God can exist that would allow dementia to happen
  • Belittles the beliefs of others
Spirituality and Religion | General Description

Spirituality is an important part of a person's well being. It is important to continue to maintain religious traditions as much as possible. The person you care for may have decreased inhibitions which can cause them to behave inappropriately during religious services. As a result, they may behave in ways that you find embarrassing or distracting to the religious service. Alzheimer's disease also affects a person's memory , so the person you care for may have difficulty remembering the words to prayers and hymns, or the order of the service. This can make it difficult for the person you care for to enjoy the service.

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