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Spirituality and Religion | Management Strategies

  1. If the person you care for acts up during religious services, try and find quieter times for service. For example, early morning services tend to have fewer people in attendance. As well, consider going to pray at your temple or church at a time that is in between regular services.

  2. Remember that religion and spirituality does not always have to be done in a specific place. Consider praying together as a family in the home, or reading passages from a religious text to the person you care for.

  3. Declining memory is generally one of the most common effects of Alzheimer's disease . However, while the person you care for may not remember many everyday things, they may still remember things from their childhood. For many people, religion and spirituality has been a part of their life since they were small children. Therefore, the person you care for may still have many prayers and hymns from their childhood firmly ingrained in their memory. Encourage the person you care for to recite and sing these prayers and hymns. This will help keep them in touch with their spirituality, and boost their confidence.

  4. As Alzheimer's disease progresses, it is helpful to maintain a routine as much as possible. This will help to reduce confusion for the person you care for. Many people have had religion and spirituality as a part of their life for years, and it is important to try and maintain this in their later years. Religion and spirituality will provide comfort and security for the person you care for, at a time when their world is changing because of the disease.

  5. If it is too difficult and stressful to have the person you care for attend a religious service, explore other ways for them to express their spirituality. Meditation, music, and art are just a few of many alternative ways for them to discover their spirituality.

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