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A person who inappropriately talks loudly in a religious service, or who comments out loud on the service or other attendees is 'disinhibited' and is suffering from disease in the frontal lobes of the brain. This is detailed in the discussion of many of the other symptoms that relate to impaired frontal lobe function, or impaired executive function , such as loss of interest, loss of insight or irritability and frustration.

With respect to what is happening in the brain of a person with dementia who is in spiritual crisis, it is tempting to write 'God only knows'. The area of spirituality is a tough intersection between faith and science. Everything that we experience is experienced in our brains, but knowing every synapse and every neuron would still not let us know how someone else feels. There is no doubt that the empathetic and intellectual ability to be spiritual can become diminished as dementia progresses. There is equally no doubt that reducing spiritual experience to neuronal circuit diagrams is meaningless. Crises of spirituality require spiritual advisors more than medical ones.

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