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What to look for?

Reading | Common Signs

  • Has difficulty understanding what s/he has read
  • Rereads the same passage or text
  • Needs assistance with the meaning of what s/he has read
  • No longer reads
  • Must be prompted to start or pick up a book
  • Reads the same book or magazine over and over
  • Complains that reading is difficult
  • Begins reading a book or magazine but never finishes it (e.g. still reading the same book from last year)
  • Reads but at a reduced level
  • Forgets what they have just read
Reading | General Description

Reading involves complex activities in the brain to interpret and understand what has been read. Many types of dementia affect these processes and often make it difficult for the person you care for to understand what they have read. A characteristic problem in Alzheimer's disease , is that the person who might have once enjoyed reading, will now continually reread a same paragraph or phrase, require assistance when reading, stop part way or give up altogether.

Commonly, the person you care for may find it frustrating to not understand what they are reading, or to keep forgetting what they have just read. Alternatively, the person you care for also may have difficulty concentrating and maintaining their attention while reading.

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