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What to look for?

Repetitive Questions/ Stories | Common Signs

  • Asks repeatedly for the time of day or date
  • Asks repeatedly for details of upcoming events or appointments
  • Asks repeatedly about things that have already happened (e.g. forgets they have already occurred)
  • Asks repeatedly whether something was done
  • Tells a story more than once during a single conversation
  • Tells the same story at successive encounters with others (week after week)
  • Reads or hears news information and retells it multiple times in the course of a day
  • Persists in retelling stories or information even after being told he or she is repeating
  • Says the same word or phrase over and over again
  • Repeatedly asks same question
Repetitive Questions/ Stories | General Description

Alzheimer's disease affects a person's ability to learn about what has just happened, what they have just said, or what they have just been told. In consequence, they might tell the same story more than once.

Repetitive questioning is also related to problems with remembering, but it seems to also reflect another problem in brain function. Many caregivers of people with Alzheimer's disease describe that the person they care for is most likely to ask questions repeatedly about an upcoming event. For example, knowledge that an appointment (especially a doctor's appointment) is coming up can provoke a question to be asked dozens of times or more.

Many caregivers find this to be an especially challenging problem. Sometimes people with dementia become upset or angry when told that they are repeating themselves and their repetition increases with stress and fatigue.

The first step in taking a more active role in symptom management is understanding how a symptom is affecting everyday life; the next step is communicating this knowledge to the care planning team and family members. SymptomGuideTM is designed with these goals in mind.

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