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What to look for?

Writing | Common Signs

  • Handwriting is illegible
  • Writes in simple sentences
  • Cannot sign their name
  • Does not finish sentences
  • Has difficulty with spelling of commonly used words
  • Has difficulty with spelling of less commonly used words that they knew the spelling of before
  • Writes shorter, less descriptive paragraphs
  • Forgets to write word that should belong in sentence
Writing | General Description

Writing involves a series of complex activities in the brain. The person must determine what they wish to express, find the correct words and grammar, and then physically write it out. Because of the damage to the brain from Alzheimer's disease , a person's ability to perform these activities becomes affected. If the person you care for finds it difficult to gather their thoughts and express themselves, this may lead to shorter or unfinished sentences and paragraphs. As well, the level of detail may also decrease with their writing, as it is easier to make up simple sentences. Sometimes the person you care for may have difficulty recalling words or the spelling of words, because of their memory impairments. There also may be difficulties with the motor skills involved, which can lead to the person you care for to have illegible handwriting or difficulty writing some of the letters. From the standpoint of the evolution of the brain, people developed the skills to write only much after spoken language. We see this in Alzheimer's disease, when writing is often lost even when parts of language are well preserved.

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