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Writing | Management Strategies

  1. The person you care for may find a lot of noise and people to be overwhelming and distracting when trying to write. Try and decrease noise level (e.g. turn off the television or music) while the person is trying to write, so that they can concentrate better.

  2. Before writing, make sure that the person you care for has used the bathroom, and is not tired or hungry. This will help to ensure that the person you care for has the energy, and is less likely to become agitated and frustrated and stop while writing. This will also help them to stay focused on the writing without getting distracted.

  3. Remain nearby when the person you care for is trying to write. They may have questions or need help with words, and it will be easier for them if you are there to readily help them.

  4. If the person you care for has difficulty with spelling, it may help to leave a list of commonly used words that they misspell next to them while they write. This will provide an easy and quick reference that will help to keep them from getting frustrated or stumped on a word.

  5. If writing becomes too difficult and frustrating of a task for the person you care for, then make sure they know that you are willing to write for them when needed.

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