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There are two types of problems encountered with the writing of people with Alzheimer's disease . One is the mechanical act of writing - the penmanship. This is often affected only subtly in mild Alzheimer's disease - although it appears that it might be detectable by computerized analysis of how people write - but becomes more visibly affected in the moderate stage, and becomes lost in the severe stage.

A second part of Alzheimer's disease is the actual content of what is written. This too changes with dementia, but the ability to write clearly can sometimes remain remarkably intact well into the disease course. For example, the creative space and writing room on the Alzheimer's Society of Canada website is devoted to allowing people to express their experiences with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia.

People who have dementia in relation to strokes can lose writing ability early in the course of their illness, if a stroke affects parts of the brain involved in language, (for most people, the left front part of the brain, in a place called Broca's area) or in the mechanical / motor aspects of writing (for a right-handed person, this would typically be in the left motor strip, which is at the back of the left frontal cortex ).

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