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What to look for?

Anxiety and Worry | Common Signs

  • Frets over the details of a task or event; may check and recheck information (e.g. time of an appointment)
  • Does not like to be left alone; becomes fearful of upset
  • is preoccupied with the whereabouts of other people (e.g. "why isn't Sally home?")
  • Is concerned about making mistakes or embarrassing self
  • Is concerned about the intentions or perceptions of others. (This can be an example of the symptom of paranoia /delusions)
  • Is impatient
  • Is jumpy or easily startled
  • Complains of bad nerves or a nervous stomach
  • Is restless, fidgets or can't sit still (e.g. bites nails, taps fingers on table)
  • Paces or wanders aimlessly (This is also described under the symptom of wandering)
Anxiety and Worry | General Description

Anxiety is common in the face of any life-altering or potentially life-threatening illness. Some worry is common and as humans we commonly ease our burdens by sharing them. The person you care for may be anxious about not being able to do the things they used to do because of memory loss and declining abilities . For example, the person you care for may be fearful of missing appointments or remembering important dates. They also may worry excessively about being separated from their caregiver because they need a constant sense of security. This may present itself as becoming upset over when the caregiver is scheduled to return. The person you care for may have many concerns about their own future such as the progression of the disease or new situations they may face.

The first step in taking a more active role in symptom management is understanding how a symptom is affecting everyday life; the next step is communicating this knowledge to the care planning team and family members. SymptomGuideTM is designed with these goals in mind.

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