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Anxiety and Worry | Doctor's Diary

There are many ways to understand the anxiety of a person who has been diagnosed with dementia. First, this clearly is an anxiety-provoking diagnosis ; there is a lot to worry about, and worry is understandable. This sort of anxiety often responds to counselling, which can address questions and fears about the disease and its impact on the future. Still, people often people feel embarrassed about attending counselling. Many people with dementia also initially feel ashamed about their diagnosis. Skilled counsellors can be a family therapist, a social worker , a psychologist , a psychiatrist or other physician, or a religious counsellor. Counselling does not necessarily have to be one-on-one. Family counselling and group therapy are other common and effective forms of counselling.

At other times, anxiety can be disabling, represents an imbalance of brain chemicals , and needs to be treated. As a general rule of thumb, the new onset of disabling anxiety in an older person is depression until proven otherwise.

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