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Anxiety and Worry | What's Happening in the Brain

Each of us has things that worry us, and each of us goes through worrying times. Whether we feel worried is a balance between how we cope, and how many things there are to bother us. How we cope varies a lot between people. Some people are "world class worriers" and they often can become more that way as they get older.

Alzheimer's disease upsets the delicate balance of brain chemicals that allows us to cope. This is not always bad; some people with Alzheimer's disease find that they worry less, and can in this way feel better for it. Sometimes, drugs used to relieve anxiety, such as drugs like Valium or Xanax can make other symptoms of Alzheimer's disease worse. For this reason, treating symptoms of anxiety and worry in Alzheimer's disease must be done very cautiously. Sometimes too, the drugs used to treat Alzheimer's disease can improve anxiety.

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