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Low Self Esteem | Doctor's Diary

A patient's sense of worthlessness often makes the experience of coping with dementia especially difficult for that person and for their family. As a doctor who treats many people with dementia, I am particularly sensitive to this issue, because, sadly, sometimes people with dementia are treated as though they are worthless. In both cases - when people with dementia have low self-esteem, and when others underestimate their worth - the cause is the same: poor insight. Often, it is easier to treat the poor insight of the patient (it often responds to drug treatment ) than to treat the poor insight of others. When these others are associated with health care policy decision-making, it can be especially frustrating. That is one of the many reasons for joining advocacy groups such as Alzheimer's Disease International, and its many country and local affiliates. Without advocacy, the voice of the person with dementia often goes unheard.

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