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Low Self Esteem | Management Strategies

  1. Try and encourage the person you care for to do activities that they enjoy, are good at and that they can do independently. They will be more likely to participate in such activities and it will remind them of their vitality.

  2. Try and compliment the person you care for when they successfully complete a task or activity. Do not criticize or humiliate them if they are stuck, or are having difficulty with a task.

  3. Try and have the person you care for participate as much as they can in activities and tasks associated with personal care. Do not complete a task for them if they are having difficulty. Instead, prompt them step by step and encourage them to complete the task. This will help to increase feelings of independence.

  4. Visit a psychologist or other therapist to discuss feelings of low self-esteem. This provides a safe and confidential environment where they can express and deal with their feelings.

  5. Encourage the person you care for to become involved in Alzheimer's disease support groups where other members are at various stages of the disease. By seeing others with varying abilities and levels of function, they may realize how much they are still able to do.

  6. Have the person you care for exercise on a regular basis. This is a great way to improve self-esteem. Improved strength, balance and mobility will allow the person you care for to be more independent. They will be able to complete more tasks on their own, and feel better about themselves.

  7. Make an appointment with the family doctor to discuss whether the person you care for might respond to treatment with an anti-depressant medication .

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