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Low Self Esteem | What's Happening in the Brain

Low self-esteem, like low mood, reflects an imbalance of many brain chemicals , serotonin in particular. Low self-esteem is often accompanied by anxiety, irritability and low mood. Symptoms like this are part of depression , and as such, they sometimes can respond to specific treatment for depression, especially with drugs that increase the level of serotonin. Although many physicians will attest to this, demonstrating the existence of a syndrome of "Dementia Associated Depression" has been difficult, and so too has been the effect of treating it.

Treatment of behavioural symptoms like low self-esteem is explored in more detail in the chapter on 'Psychotropic agents in Alzheimer disease by David M. Blass, and Peter V. Rabins in the book Trial Designs and Outcomes in Dementia Therapeutic Research, published in London by Taylor & Francis, 2005, and edited by Kenneth Rockwood and Serge Gauthier. The constellation of symptoms like low self-esteem, anxiety, irritability, low mood and poor judgment is discussed in the same book in the chapter by Sarah Voss and Roger Bullock on executive function .

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