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What to look for?

Personality Changes | Common Signs

  • Has become self-centered
  • Has become more irritable
  • Has become more passive and easier to deal with
  • Curses and uses foul language
  • Complains and criticizes more
  • Is less motivated
  • Becomes easily tearful or upset
  • Is stingy or overly worried about wastefulness
  • Says or does things they never would have said or done before, decreased inhibition
  • Is always anxious or worried
  • Is less talkative
  • Becomes scared or frightened easily
Personality Changes | General Description

Some of the first signs of Alzheimer's disease are changes in the personality of the person you care for. The person you care for may be struggling with their loss of independence as a result of their declining functioning and abilities . This can lead to frustration, which may be expressed as cursing, complaining and increased irritability. The fact that the person you care for can do less and less decreases their motivation and can result in a more passive attitude. A desire to regain some amount of control in their life may be expressed as being stingy or miserly. For example, they may limit the amount of food prepared or the amount of water being used. Additionally, they may no longer feel like an active member of society and try to isolate themselves ,thereby becoming less talkative.

Personality change is often one of the first symptoms in diagnosing most types of Frontotemporal dementia . It is unexpected and disturbing for the caregiver and family to watch the person they have known for years, behave in ways they never would have behaved before. Many times behaviour changes result in the embarrassing, inappropriate social situation. Family can minimize this by modifying social and interpersonal events. Going out in public can be overwhelming and frustrating for the family. When dining in a restaurant, position the patient between family and friends to limit the amount of contact with the public. Some families prefer to go to restaurants where the patient is known and they can be seated at a table which limits patient exposure to others.

In Parkinson's disease dementia, one of the first signs (with mental slowing) is mental inflexibility.

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