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Balance | What's Happening in the Brain

Balance is a complicated brain function that involves almost every part of the brain.

In Alzheimer's disease , impaired balance can be seen from many causes, including the disease process itself, and as side effects of drugs. Many of the processes that control balance become affected as people get older, so figuring out the cause of a balance problem can be tricky.

Some facts we know are:

  • The structures at the back of the brain that affect balance, called the cerebellum, would not normally be affected in Alzheimer's disease until very late in the disease.
  • Deep structures, in the middle of the brain, called the basal ganglia, can also be affected. This gives rise to Parkinsonism , which also occurs in relation to some of the drugs commonly used in older people.
  • Often too, in Alzheimer's disease, people have difficulty integrating all the information they need to make a safe movement. This problem is known as apraxia .

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