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What to look for?

Sensory Input | Common Signs

  • Do not know the source of a sound
  • Places dangerous or inappropriate things in their mouth
  • Change in tastes
  • Difficulty telling apart hot and cold (e.g. of water or food)
  • Dresses inappropriately for the weather
  • Does not notice smell of burning or smoke
  • Does not notice when food is spoiled
  • Does not realize that they have injured themselves
  • Cannot recognize familiar faces
  • Depth perception is off (e.g. thinks a rug on the floor is a hole)
  • Does not recognize familiar objects
  • Difficulty telling apart colors
Sensory Input | General Description

Problems with sensory input can be a confusing area to understand.

As different areas of the brain are affected by Alzheimer's disease , changes can occur in a person's ability to understand what they see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. Normally, messages about your five senses are sent from the body to different parts of the brain. However, in Alzheimer's disease, the brain has difficulty understanding these messages. This results in a change or even a loss in how the person you care for senses portions of their environment.

Problems with how the brain evaluates information from your senses can lead to possible safety risks for the person you care for. They may be unable to smell something burning or tell if food is spoiled by sight or taste. As a result, it is possible that the person you care for might need help to understand the risks of their environment.

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